Our Services

Our Company's Mission statement is: "To contribute to our customers' success, and provide the highest quality products and services available."

When you come on board we create a very smooth transition to our system by utilizing Professional Expert Installation, Training, and Support. We value your success and our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Business-Ready Hardware Solutions

Through our national suppliers, we offer extremely competitive pricing on all Hardware required by your Dealership. From PC's, printers, and monitors to servers, switches, and notebooks, we make searching for quality, business-ready hardware products and components easy and informative. 

We feel the long-term value of superior components in the end is of greater value to our clients and we stand behind the quality of our PC's by using only Business-ready operating systems with a 3-year warranty on most components.

Our experts are able to configure and install the best solution to suit your needs and budget.

There are minimal and recommended hardware and network requirements to run our system; we work with you to utilize your current configuration to its potential.

Training Services

We have several Training options available for all of the modules that we offer. Enhance your key employees expertise with Advanced level training or help new employees learn the system, we offer ongoing training in your Dealership, On-line or at our Headquarters in London, Ontario.

In your Dealership
Our software experts work with your staff while they perform their regular daily duties.

Distance Learning
Over phone / internet allows us to see your screen while doing live customized training on any module.

Training at our facility
One-on-One, or Group training on any module.

Online e-Learning
NO CHARGE monthly group tutorials.

As an added value to our Dealers, we provide NO-CHARGE monthly e-Learning Sessions ONLINE. Our online e-Learning platform has allowed our clients from all over Canada to participate from the comfort of their own Dealership, at home or anywhere (from iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device). We are thrilled with the results and feedback from our Dealers. Details on upcoming e-Learning courses are available here: Advantage e-learning

We have Training manuals available for all of our modules, as well as Quick Guides for Desktop Reference.

Please contact advantagesupport@quorumdms.com to learn more about your options.

Support Services

We offer a personalized support experience from our head office in London, Ontario. Our proprietary customer support software allows collaborative support through our toll-free phone number, email, fax, or on the Web. Online collaboration allows us to offer Real-time live support by connecting to your PC to fully and quickly understand your issue.

Our support team is fully trained to support everything from our software, system hardware, and networking hardware and are on call evenings and Saturday to ensure you get support you deserve. We also happy to offer on-site product support at your dealership.

The extra mile: Assistance is provided for even the most irregular tasks, we pride ourselves in doing whatever it takes! We are on top of changes in Factory and Industry initiatives to keep you up-to-date and compliant.

Green Initiatives – Approach to minimizing paper usage: Most items that can be printed either as a form or a report can also be viewed on the screen, emailed or filed as a Word Document, Excel File or Adobe PDF. While previewing a form or report users can decide if it’s necessary to print. Advantage also has the capability to send letters and reminders via email rather than using conventional post. All of our training material and instruction manuals are provided to our clients in PDF format.