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Service Management & Merchandising


Schedule and track all of your shop repair work effectively with Service Management.
Create schedules with recommended service intervals using Service Merchandising.


Service Management enables you to schedule and track all of your shop repair work effectively. When entering Work Orders you will be able to check for all required services, recalls and all service history on a vehicle. You will be able to track all work in progress, and use many of the reports available to track all of your business & statistics. Merchandising allows for specific tracking Schedules with recommended service intervals as well as Personalized letters or postcards for vehicle services & special events as well as a customer follow up feature.

  • Complete Integration with Parts, Accounting, and Vehicle Inventory.
  • Set Up Repair Orders: with multiple repairs using predefined operation codes, charge parts (stock & non-stock), labour and miscellaneous charges such as sublet to the Repair Order.
  • Full Service History: for each serviced vehicle for an unlimited length of time with complete invoice history reprint or view.
  • Pre-defined Operation (Repair) Codes & Analysis: with standard description, hours and labour rates.
  • Appointments Schedule: Book and pre-sell based on recommended service and easily convert to an RO.
  • Warranty Claim Ledger: track all warranty claims and print outstanding warranty or applied credit ledger by each vendor.
  • Service Merchandising: Automatic generation and processing of all reminders and follow-up letters based on recommended service intervals.
  • Service Maintenance Schedule Booklets: Print customized maintenance schedule booklets for each customer as the vehicle is sold.
  • Productivity Reporting: for technicians and/or service advisors comparing hours worked to hours billed and cost amount or billed amount.
  • Multiple Repair Order Types: for different service sales such as mechanical, body shop and others.
  • Automatic Pricing and Tax Calculation: of parts and labour based on type of repair order such as customer, warranty, internal, and body shop.
  • Unlimited printing of custom designed plain paper invoices by laser printer. No click or per page printing charges.
  • Other Features: Factory Interface, Unlimited Pricing Levels. On-line Credit Limit Checking. Work In Process Analysis. Split Payments & Insurance Deductibles. Charge to Unlimited Accounts.

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