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Advantage Electronic Service Assistant (eSA)


Enhance your existing processes and eliminate inefficient practices with Advantage eSA. Enable service staff and technicians to work together seamlessly in real time.


Advantage Electronic Service Assistant (eSA) is a Windows .NET program that seamlessly links to the Auto Compete Service Management module. It allows Service staff to schedule, manage, and view live status of repair orders from their desks and assign RO’s to technicians as they become available or pre assign their next job to them. The Technicians can receive their work at their benches and can punch, order parts, view RO history and record Complaint, Correction and tech notes. The service department can view a list of Available and active Repair Orders as advisors create them; check the status and time spent on any repair, and view the Repair Order summary and detail information all in real time. Advantage eSA will enhance your existing processes and eliminate inefficient practices.

Some of the Benefits of Advantage eSA include:

  • Increased Efficiency: Capture Punch times and Technician comments electronically which reduces time spent manually inputting labour hours from time cards and cause/correction per repair. You'll be amazed at how much time is saved when closing Work Orders.
  • Instant Status Updates: Allows the Service Department to Effectively Schedule Time Booked, Required and Shop Hours available by having instant status updates of your technicians and the jobs they are performing.
  • Get Organized: Pre-assign each technician's work load for the day and move pre-assigned repairs by dragging to other technician's job stack. Instantly view hours booked by tech and schedule shop load.
  • More Time with Customers: Service Advisors spend more time with customers and less time doing paperwork, resulting in higher customer pay per RO.
  • Job Stacker: Schedule your Service technicians day and make modifications in real time. Drag and Drop repairs to techs and instantly see how much time is scheduled per tech.
  • Delegate more Efficiently: Reduces foot traffic between Customer and Shop area.
  • Instant Access: Decrease idle time spent by technicians waiting for jobs to be assigned and Parts Orders filled.
  • Instant Electronic Communication: from any logged in PC.
  • At your Fingertips: Access Hard Copy Tech comments and Punches History Electronically, with no need to pull Original Paperwork.
  • Increased efficiency and accountability:
    • All information required for current and previous repairs is at the Technicians workbench.
    • Electronic Employee Time and punch log. Produce automatic productivity and efficiency reports.
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