Sales Department

Packed full of features to give you market-leading tools to sell more vehicles and F&I and increase profits. Have one complete showroom application that combines six key processes: Showroom Traffic, Desking, Inventory, F&I, Follow-Up and Marketing while being fully-integrated to Service and Accounting.

module Advantage Showroom
Swipe, Select, Sell & Retain!
Increase your Sales, CSI, and Profits by utilizing one Complete showroom application that combines six key processes: Showroom Traffic, Desking (including current rates, residuals and incentive programs), Inventory (including full V.I.N. decoding and manufacturer price books), F&I (adaptable to all selling styles, with laser printing or emailing of forms), Follow-Up and Marketing. This cloud-powered module is built on Microsoft’s leading .NET platform and fully integrated to the Oasis Auto Complete DMS.
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Oasis Electronic Finance Menu (eFM)
Our simple, flexible and easily modified F&I Menu is a fresh process for Menu Selling.
eFM was developed with input from leading F&I trainers and includes cutting edge functionality & selling tools.
Available in 2 versions; an Integrated version for Dealerships using Advantage Showroom and a Stand-alone networkable version for Dealerships using other DMS systems.
eFM is THE ONLY menu that allows Business Managers to add, edit and remove F&I products from the main presentation screen, to quickly and easily adapt a package to suit their clients desired needs.
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Oasis – Finance and Insurance
The legendary OASIS software is a very powerful module which includes everything required to quickly and easily sell your vehicles, Aftermarket Products and generate Professional Sales contracts. All of the functionality found in OASIS is available in Advantage Showroom.
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