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Oasis eFM (Electronic Finance Menu)


A fresh process for Menu Selling, Oasis eFM is a simple, flexible and easily modified F&I Menu. This fully-customizable menu allows Business Managers to quickly and easily adapt a package to suit their clients desired needs. eFM is easy to use and has an interactive interface which allows the user to see the results as changes are made. Dealerships wishing to incorporate an electronic F&I menu-selling approach need to look no further!


  • Oasis eFM Features:
    • Quickly and easily adapt a package to suit your clients desired needs! eFM is THE ONLY Menu available that you can Present, Customize and Modify from the same screen. One-click menu printing or saving.
    • Developed using Microsoft .NET technology, Oasis eFM is based on leading F&I trainer's processes with cutting edge functionality and selling tools.
    • Multiple Payment Scenarios. Compare the customer’s original payment to second payment scenario with alternate term and payment frequency. This feature is a fantastic cash conversion tool.
    • Deal Log Sheet and Detailed Monthly Reporting functionality.
    • Present up to 6 different Insurance Products such as GAP, CI, A&H, and Job Loss.
  • Unique to Your Tastes
    • Link to Interactive Product Presentations from all media types.(Video, Audio, Powerpoint, Websites, PDFs,etc)
    • Create custom layouts & textual displays.
    • Add your word tracks and product descriptions.
    • Custom pricing presentation display and value pricing disclosure.
    • Add unique logos and colours and adjust font sizes.
  • Why Menu Sell?
    • Increase Profits! Studies prove that per turnover average increases a minimum of $200 with successful implementation of a menu process.
    • Easy - Simplify turnovers with a quicker, more effective presentation using a consistent, non-confrontational process.
    • Today there are more aftermarket products than ever. Prevent your customer from being overwhelmed and still present all aftermarket products & options.
    • Complete Disclosure; Present all products to all customers every time.
    • Protect yourself from legal actions which arise when products are not offered to customers.
  • Achieve Success through Ultimate Menu Selling Training
    • In conjunction with Wye Management, we now offer Ultimate Menu Selling® a two day supercharged, high impact training program for your business office.
    • This program marries the industry’s most advanced menu software with the industry’s most advanced menu sales process.
    • Wye Management's Chris Schulthies instructs this intense and dynamic program. Chris is an international trainer, with U.S. and Canadian experience and has written and instructed national Sales, F&I and Sales Management training programs.
    • Learn how to improve profits and performance while ensuring total legal compliance.
  • Available in 2 Versions:
    • Fully integrated version for Dealerships using Advantage Showroom.
    • Stand-alone networkable version for Dealerships using other DMS systems with quick input tools (including Driver's license swipe & VIN decoding/Model selection).
  • Check out Oasis eFM for yourself!
    Click here Oasis eFM Demonstration
    Contact us to review the many more selling tools and features of Oasis eFM!

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