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Increase your Sales, CSI and Profits by utilizing one Complete showroom application that combines six key processes.


Manage your Sales Opportunities in a proactive windows environment to attract prospects, win new customers and increase repeat business. This easy-to-use module has full integration with Sales, Service, and Accounting.

Advantage Showroom was created based on the input of innovative Dealership personal and leading Sales trainers and is utilized as a key tool every day by our installed client base. Advantage Showroom is a robust Showroom application that combines six key processes; Showroom Traffic, Deal Desking (including current rates, residuals and incentive programs), Inventory (including full V.I.N. decoding and manufacturer price books), F&I, Follow-Up and Marketing. Advantage Showroom is fully integrated with our DMS.

Have all of the tools that you require in one application, ending the need to manually input data into multiple applications. Save money by eliminating paying for other Inventory, F&I, Desking, CRM and Trade-In Programs. This powerful program assists in accurate measurement of customer and staff activity throughout the entire customer life cycle. Having all staff using one application reduces unnecessary costs and significantly increases profits and efficiencies. With increased staff accountability you'll notice reduced staff turnover, fewer lost sales, and lower IT costs.

  • Industry-leading selling tools!
    • Desking with multiple deal scenarios using Payment Options or Peter Hubbard® Process. Optional F&I Menu Selling Program with cutting edge functionality and selling tools.
    • Turn every Visit, Web lead, email or Phone call into a Prospective Sale by documenting all customer contact, creating & storing multiple quotes,and automating your sales process.
    • Traditional showroom traffic changing; following-up current showroom traffic and your existing client base during the 'Pre' and 'Post Sales' process can result in a 5% increase in sales per month.
    • Optional integrated F&I Menu Selling Program with industry-first functionality and selling tools.
  • Build Long Term Relationships
    • By utilizing Advantage Showroom, salespeople develop a strong customer base and long-term relationships which lead to lucrative repeat and referral sales - which have a higher closing ratio than walk-in traffic.
    • Automatically produce customer specific letters, emails, and call scripts.
    • Target and market to your customer Database using the powerful Survey Function – Run precise queries of customers and create automated action tasks.
      For example – Send an email to Leases Nearing Maturity with a scheduled phone call to follow up.
  • Current and Complete Data – Eliminate Manual Input
    • All Factory incentive programs, rates, residuals, vehicle pricing and info updated daily using web server (via the cloud).
    • Full manufacturer’s price books with MSRP & Cost and all available options (with OEM codes and descriptions), using the industries richest and most comprehensive dataset of new and used vehicle data.
    • Inventory function - View inventory with full details, multiple searching and sorting options. View service history, options, vehicle concerns, incoming orders, and potential trade-ins.
    • All brands supported. Data provided by Chrome Data Solutions; the leading automotive data and content provider in North America.
  • Stay Organized
    • With the automated Follow up list the Salesperson will arrive at work to find a personal daily organizer. This organizer displays pending and completed tasks, a sales ‘HOT LIST’, appointments, and reminders. By giving your salespeople a sense of empowerment they make the most effective use of their day. At a glance, Managers can ensure that Salespeople have completed their tasks and activities.
    • Never miss a beat trying to 'catch up' on what's been going on in the Dealership. Advantage makes it easy to succeed by keeping the pulse on your sales department activity, effectively managing your clients, staff, and time.
  • MVDA Compliant!
    • VIN Decoding with correct vehicle trim level for all vehicles from 1996-present.
    • Standard process to review, appraise and track potential trade-ins using MVDA compliant trade-in and appraisal tools. Capture, print and save disclosure & appraisals.
    • Integrated CarProof® and CARFAX® Vehicle History Searches.
  • Information at Your Fingertips
    • Easy customer data input through driver's license readers with search from main customer database. Access customer value and service istory.
    • eDoc- Daily Automatic Email of Performance! Customize the time sent, layout and data reported on.
    • Ability to present and store many different payment options on several unique vehicles with easy recall.
    • Manufacturer Integration Points and Lending Portal Integration and Vehcile Sales and Inventory Interfaces to many third party software Vendors.
    • Automated traffic and sold reports, by Salesperson/Dealership/Date.
    • Managerial Tools and Procedures which are customized to suit your Dealership’s processes and business rules.
  • Streamline/Simplify
    • Laser Forms! Plain paper laser printing and/or emailing of Forms and Documents.
    • Wholesale/ Dealer Trade Function using email-able or laser printed bills of sale.
    • Full suite of SAP's Crystal Reports with export to Microsoft Office and other Windows Applications.
  • Proven Technology
    • Advantage Showroom’s Data is provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions. See  Chrome Data Solutions for details.
    • Certified Dealertrack Opentrack provider. See  Dealertrack Opentrack for details.
    • Lending Portal Integration. A click of a button eliminates manual keying of deal & customer credit info into Lending Portals.
    • A local application with cloud-powered data and updates - the best of both worlds!
    • This Data resides on dedicated servers in a “Class A” security controlled data centre with multiple redundancies.

Contact us to review the many more selling tools and features of Advantage Showroom! Below are screen shots our leading Inventory function (with the industry’s most extensive vehicle data auto-populated) the daily eDoc email and our F&I Credit Insurance Presentation screen (which allows the sale of multiple Insurance products together).

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