Parts Department

Effectively manage your Parts department. Manage your Inventory and ordering and generate suggested orders based on history. Track hits, lost sales and simplify your physical inventory counts. Monthly updates will update prices, parts numbers and supersession. Define unique multiple mark-up and retail pricing levels using Matrix Pricing Feature.

module Parts Complete
Manage your inventory quickly and easily with Parts Complete.
Generate Invoices and export Purchase Orders through the Parts Complete inventory system.


Point of Sale allows you to quickly bill out all of your over the counter parts sales. It allows you to check the inventory status of all your parts and add parts to your Purchase Orders and create your own Special Orders. The Parts Inventory feature meets all of your inventory needs. It allows you to manage all of your parts quickly and easily. Through our parts inquiry screen you're able to look at all the statistics for all your parts, and very quickly change stocking levels, and add the parts to Purchase Orders. By creating Purchase Orders through our Inventory system, you are also able to export it to your Manufacturer*, which prevents from having to enter it a second time, and also makes receiving of your parts much easier.

  • Complete Integration with Accounting & Service.
  • Quick Parts-Counter Invoicing: Ability to specify the type of sale, such as wholesale or retail.
  • Detailed Parts History: For each counter invoice for an unlimited length of time with complete reprint or view parts transaction history. Maintain monthly sales/purchase statistics on each part.
  • Manufacturer Price File: Single or multi-manufacturer price files for parts referencing, ordering, and pricing.
  • Price Look-up & Lost Sales: Quick price look-up with lost sales recording and reporting for both stock and non-stock parts.
  • Parts Ordering: Including stock and special ordering with back-order tracking. Automatic stock re-ordering for optimum stocking levels. Automatic receiving of orders to inventory. Reorder formula codes based on sales history.
  • Queries: Parts Pricing Matrix - define unique multiple mark-up and retail pricing levels.
  • Physical Inventory: Including reconciliation worksheets and variance adjustments.
  • Inventory Management Reports: Inventory valuation, sales and margin analysis, obsolescence and surplus reporting, discrepancy reporting and inventory analysis, phase in-out reporting.
  • Interface to Dealer Communication Systems (DCS): Download parts order data to most existing DCS systems.
  • Printing: Custom designed plain paper invoices by laser printer.
  • Modifications: Adding parts to Purchase Orders.
  • Queries: Quick parts inquiries.
  • Reports: Custom Reports.
  • Parts Catalogue Interface: Select Parts from Electronic Parts Catalogue and add to pick lists.*
  • Create PO's: Purchase Order creation and exporting.*
  • Price Updates: Price File updates from OEM and major suppliers.
  • Additional Features: Barcode scanning, Unlimited Pricing Levels, On-line Credit Limit Checking, Split Payments, Comparative Vendor Information, Cores, Group Price File Updates, Supersession Parts, Parts kit set-up available.

* Depending on Manufacturer