Microsoft Partnership

  • Oasis Auto Complete is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and had been a Microsoft Certified Partner for over a decade, using a Microsoft-Centric Development Strategy.

  • By working closely with our Dealers and third party vendors involved in the automotive industry, we are constantly updating to industry trends with ongoing enhancements to grow with today's customer and market needs.

  • Advantage is a Cloud-Powered Microsoft Windows Desktop/ server application that allows integration to all of your systems and software. Local network ensures uptime and allows a rich user-interface and eliminates reliance on other providers to provide a critical business function and control your corporate data. Updated data is delivered directly via the Cloud.

  • Advantage’s Microsoft .NET Platform has more ‘horsepower’ than other applications. Its Multitier architecture split’s the computing workload between more than 3 layers of computers with some work being done by the User’s PC (Client), the Dealership Server and our ‘Cloud’ Server.

  • Our DMS runs on the most popular and robust database platform available: Microsoft’s Sequel (SQL) Server. SQL Server includes many new database management tools that makes regular server maintenance simpler and more automated. With robust security, your data is safer than ever before. Running on a universal Microsoft platform allows timely certified integration to all provided communications and interfaces with both Manufacturers and selected third parties.

  • We have access to all of the latest Microsoft products, training, and development tools.

  • Able to provide Microsoft software to our Dealers at reduced prices.

  • We're always working to bring our customers more features, flexibility,and industry-leading service. We can also work with you to develop a custom software system solution using the latest Microsoft .NET technology.