Industry Partner Relationships

Our philosophy is based on providing open systems that will readily connect to other products and we are currently working to Implement Integration with Multiple Vendors.



In 2013 we became a Certified Dealertrack Opentrack partner. We have full connectivity into the Dealertrack DMS which allows clients to utilize Advantage Showroom while using Dealertrack DMS for Parts, Service and Accounting.See  Dealertrack Opentrack for details.

Interfaces with Dealertrack DMS:

  • Deals - Finalized Deals in Advantage Showroom send complete Deal information, creating all of the GL entries which posts direct to the GL in Dealertrack's DMS.
  • Vehicle Inventory - Once vehicle is entered in Showroom, all Vehicle Inventory adjustments in Dealertrack update Advantage Showroom cost.
  • Service - Update closed internal ROs and display Open ROs and POs on stock units, we check Work In Process Cost every time a deal is created or reopened or inventory is viewed. We show the cost for any open ROs. The total amount of the RO comes across as a GL entry which adds to the vehicle cost. Each repair line on the RO is shown in detail. We also pull Repair Order history from Dealer Track which users can view anytime in Advantage Showroom.
  • Customer Database Synced. We merge and update Customers changes bi-directionally between systems. If a customer does not exist in Advantage they can be instantly added.
  • Always Live! We push the cost multiple times daily from Dealertrack to Showroom and update Showroom cost as necessary. We also will show Open ROs on stock units.