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Oasis – Finance and Insurance


The legendary Oasis package is a very powerful module which includes everything required to quickly and easily sell your vehicles, Aftermarket Products, and generate Professional Sales contracts.


  • Deal Desking: A variety of selling tools to close sales with exact cost and retail price information including all sales taxes & fees.
  • Loan & Lease Screens: Include unique payment calculations for all Manufacturer lending and leasing sources as well as all prime and sub-prime lenders and custom calculations for In-House Leasing or Financing. Lender updates are included.
  • Comparison screen: Ability to make changes to any Deal calculation. Quickly present and close to a payment scenario.
  • Automatic Default Payment Comparisons: Compare up to 4 separate deal scenarios per deal type. Dealership specific calculation defaults in each scenario including of payment frequencies, lender programs, warranty, protection, or finance insurance.
  • Deal Type Defaults: Ability to set up unique Defaults for the Dealership by Deal type.
  • Hubbard Comparison® Screen: Quickly present, compare, and close to defaulted loan, lease or cash options.
  • Profit Calculation: Ability to roll from any total on the screen and calculate gross profit and sales commissions for automatic transfer to accounting.
  • Deal Roll: Allows entry of a customer’s offer and calculation to price, down payment or trade showing instant gross profit left in deal, a great closing tool.
  • Automatic Calculation: Of Credit Insurance, Protection and Warranty Menus, with multiple selling tools.
  • Service Integration: Automatic checking for open repair orders while processing a deal.
  • New and Used Vehicle Inventory: Detailed vehicle information including complete descriptions of options and discounts.
  • Structure deals: with up to 2 Trades with regular and actual cash values. Once deal is delivered trade-ins are added to vehicle inventory which avoids duplicate data entry.
  • Price Book Function: Vehicle Pricing system with the ability to build a non-stock vehicle based on pre-defined complete price books.
  • Detailed Vehicle Inquiry: Includes searching your inventory based on any vehicle criteria.
  • Manufacturer Interface: Invoice downloads, inventory uploads and downloads.
  • Print Detailed Inventory Sheets: Optional descriptions, retail and/or cost, with ability to quickly adjust retail and costs.
  • Form Printing: Print all legal paperwork including bills of sale, finance and lease contracts, worksheets, Ministry licensing, or any custom forms. No extra charges for adding or modifying new forms. If you have the form we can print it!
  • Sales & Profit Analysis: Custom reports by almost any deal criteria are available for profit or commission analysis.
  • Complete Integration with Contact Management, Service & Accounting