Company Information

Oasis Auto Complete Systems is a privately held Canadian company that develops, installs, and supports software & hardware specifically designed for Automobile Dealerships. Oasis Auto Complete Systems Limited began life as a joint venture between Ontario Automobile Software Information Systems Limited (O.A.S.I.S., incorporated in February 1992) and Auto Complete Systems (specializing in PC based software since 1987). Both companies Amalgamated to form Oasis Auto Complete Systems Limited.

Developed from the dealership's perspective, Oasis Auto Complete provides a complete dealership solution with a fully integrated system.

The Oasis Auto Complete DMS is flexible and customizable and developed for ease of use by end-users.

We know your business because we have been there. We have been involved in creating and supporting innovative Dealer Management Systems since PCs started appearing in Dealerships in the late 1980’s. Knowledge gained from over 25 years of successfully transitioning Dealerships to more effective solutions resulting in higher productivity, efficiency and profit is one of our companies’ greatest assets. Many of our staff has Dealership retail experience. Our Development team spend time in Dealerships, working closely with our clients to gain insight, feedback, and ideas for future releases.

Providing our clients with great service and support is just as important as developing our exceptional software and we are proud of our industry-leading Client retention rate.

You do have a choice! Please Contact us to arrange a complementary demonstration of our robust DMS.

Value Added DMS Solution

We have been developing, implementing and supporting comprehensive and fully integrated Dealership Management Systems for over 20 years. With our proven track record, Oasis Auto Complete Provides Leading Value for our valued Dealership Partners.

  • Utilizing the Latest Technolgy:
    Excellent Current Platform and new Advantage Modules on the Microsoft .NET Platform. Several years ago we made the decision to rewrite our entire DMS from scratch rather than place a windows-looking GUI overtop of our existing legacy DMS system. We also wanted to add a fully customized CRM system within our DMS so our Dealers would not require third party software. Although our approach for the future is extra work today, in the long run we will not be limited with having the added burden of dealing with old technology continually working behind new technology. We are in the midst of moving our entire DMS to our Advantage ‘.NET ‘ platform. By undertaking a massive feat, we made all of our existing functions perform better and added a host of new features. Built on the latest .NET framework and powered the MS SQL database, it includes many new features built using the latest programming tools available.
  • Value:
    We supply a Reliable, full-featured system at an outstanding cost value with exceptional support and service. Lower Software and System costs means more money to invest in other areas of the Dealership.
  • Connected:
    Complete Manufacturer Certified integration to all provided OEM Franchise Interfaces. Our interfaces follow and are compliant with the Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) data transfer specifications. In light of an increasing of the amount ongoing automated Data Uploads to Third Parties of Dealership's data we rewrote our data upload service to run outside of our DMS and be able to automatically upload files multiple times per day or hour if needed.
  • Scalable:
    Pricing by module allows you to customize the right software solution for your Business and process. Your IT costs are not driven up. Scalable pricing supports growth allowing you to augment your system as your business grows. All Modules are completely integrated, combining all Departments,
  • Always Current:
    Our Monthly support structure is a license / support based fee that includes perpetual updates for currently licensed products, unlimited web based or telephone based support and forms/invoice maintenance/updates. We are on top of changes in Factory, Industry and Regulatory initiatives to always keep Dealers ahead and compliant. We provide all version, form, report, Vehicle pricing and incentive updates through our Data Centre, delivered directly via our Cloud Server.
  • Your Data:
    The Data within any Oasis Auto Complete System is OWNED by the DEALERSHIP.
  • Security:
    Is written within all programs. It is based upon each user’s rights and can be customized to limit or access by login or role.
  • Freedom:
    Stable and Consistent pricing. No complicated long term contact.
  • Support:
    Access to Live 1-800 System and Network support, our Professional support staff has Industry knowledge and experience (no “per hour”/“per call” fees or hidden or additional monthly charges).
  • Simple Setup:
    We are PC Based. Unique Hardware and Servers are not required, giving you several Network and System configuration options with basic Minimum Requirements.
  • Flexibility:
    Suits many unique corporate and business configurations. We customize our system to suit each Dealers unique processes with flexible and customizable Dealership Defaults ('rules') as well as custom fields, screen views, reports and forms.
  • Reporting:
    Access to excellent Reports which keep the Pulse on your Dealership. Generate professional SAP reports in an easy to use manner with simple export to Microsoft Office
  • Training:
    Multiple training options, including in your Dealership, On-line Tutorials, Live Distance On-line or at our Headquarters.
  • Partnerships:
    Oasis Auto Complete is a certified Dealer Track/Open Track providor; a marketing partner of CDS and Co-Auto Co-Operative Inc.
  • Affiliations:
    Longtime Member of Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA), Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (UCDA), Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)
  • Community:
    We believe being a good corporate citizen is the right thing to do, for our clients, our employees, and our business. We give back - through ‘casual Friday’ fundraising for a monthly designated charity, charitable donations, sponsorships, Post-Secondary Educational institution partnerships and the many volunteering efforts of our dedicated employees