DMS System Features

Technology ... complete system designed on a modern PC-based platform to take advantage of new technologies and to keep your investments fully protected. Standard Windows Desktop / Server application allows integration with all of your systems and software. Local network eliminates reliance on other providers to provide a critical business function and control your corporate data.

Completely Integrated ... all modules and functions of the system are completely integrated under a single system, which means data entered once is available throughout the system.

Fully Network Compatible ... our DMS runs in a standard multi-user Windows network, designed for PC's using Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 7 Professional and Windows XP PRO powered by a Windows Server.

dealership MDS

Connectivity ... our philosophy is based on providing open systems that will readily connect to other products such as Dealer Connect, Global Warranty, GM RIM, Parts Locators and many more.

Multi-Tasking ... capabilities allows access to different modules simultaneously and change program windows with a single keystroke.

Flexible System ... a very flexible system that allows users to personalize their documents, reports, screen colours, business rules, and system set-ups.

Ease-of-Use ... Our DMS has a feature-rich user interface that incorporates select features such as scrolling, point-and-shoot, pop-up lists, on-line context-sensitive help, consistent menu and program structure. All are designed to shorten the learning curve and provide a smooth future growth path.

New Features ... the system is always kept current by adding new features and improvements through automated monthly updates that are provided at no additional charge.

Other Features ... Multi-franchise and Multi-manufacturer Capabilities. Industry Standard User Interface. Multi-level security. Modular design.