We are proud to have CarProof Vehicle History Reports now available through Advantage Showroom! Advantage users can easily check their Inventory to see if a CarProof report has been already accessed through their account. If the report has not been run, one click provides direct online access to the complete array of reports offered by CarProof. This interface eliminates the manual process of pulling paperwork and inputting the VIN number. Tied in with an MVDA compliant trade-in process, users now have a straightforward trade-in appraisal and disclosure process built into Advantage Showroom.

CarProof, also based in London, Ontario, was started in 2000 to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and timely used vehicle history reports available in Canada. In addition to being the Official Report of the OADA/TADA New Car Dealers of Ontario, the Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers Association and the Dealer associations of BC, Québec and Manitoba, CarProof is used by the governments of Alberta and PEI as part of their provincial registry, endorsed by the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and by the major motor vehicle manufacturers in Canada. CarProof is also the sole supplier of vehicle history reports to both Manheim Canada and the ADESA Canada auctions for all of their U.S. import vehicles and arbitrations. For more information about CarProof, please visit: www.carproof.com.

Please contact the Oasis Auto Complete support team (support@oasis-ac.com) for additional information on the CarProof integration.  

Oasis Auto Complete also has a relationship with CARFAX®.  In light of the compliance mandated by the MVDA, disclosing as much history about a vehicle that you are selling is crucial.  CARFAX's report includes title, accident and service histories.  As a result of this partnership, all Oasis Auto Complete clients will be able to:

  • Access CARFAX Vehicle History Reports instantly from vehicle inventory (for Dealers using Advantage)
  • Participate in the CARFAX Service Link™ program at no charge (for Dealers using Auto Complete Service)

We have created an integration point in Advantage to automate and track CARFAX searches from your vehicle search screen.   When viewing inventory, users can see if a report has already been run for a stock unit.  If the report has not been run, one click takes them to new CARFAX report.  CARFAX has provided special pricing for Oasis Auto Complete clients. 

CARFAX Service Link converts your service records into free online maintenance records included as part of the CARFAX Vehicle History Report™.  As a participant, for each vehicle that enters your service department, a record will appear on the CARFAX Vehicle History Report including your business name, a telephone number, and a direct link to your website.  By demonstrating that the vehicle underwent regular "factory" servicing the long-term value of your customer's vehicle is enhanced, contributing to repeat business in your service department.  

CARFAX.com is visited more than 55 million times per year.  By participating in the CARFAX Service Link program your dealership may benefit in many ways: 

  • Reinforces quality of Dealership performed maintenance
  • Increases service retention and revenue through potential increased service traffic
  • Boosts new and pre-owned vehicle sales
  • Drives more traffic to your website through added Internet advertising
  • Enhances consumer confidence

Participating in this program puts your dealership's name, contact information and Web site link alongside each service record on the CARFAX report for the life of the vehicle.  Keep those vehicles you've routinely serviced coming back. 

You can sign up to begin using CARFAX reports from the interface within Advantage .   As an Oasis Auto Complete client, you will receive special pricing.
Complete the CARFAX enrollment within Advantage (under System Defaults/ Modules) or sign up on the web site: CARFAX Report Sign Up

Please contact the Oasis Auto Complete support team (support@oasis-ac.com) for additional information on the CARFAX integration.