Advantage Showroom Version 4.0 Enhancements and Updates

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New Releases of ADVANTAGE SHOWROOM VERSION 4.0 include these Great Features:


  • Change to viewing and editing Standard, Miscellaneous and Customize Vehicle Options.
  • Change to the “User can View and Access the Upfront Profit” flag for Dealer Cash Incentives.
  • Added the ability to change your Login Password from the User Defaults form.
  • SAL Insurance change: Added ability to have a Policy Fee on an Insurance Product.
  • Change to rounding on Scotia Bank Loans.
  • Added the Amortization button to the Lease Edit.
  • Added “Last Service Date” to the Trades Tab on the Opportunity.
  • Added more criteria for Surveys. Added Interested-In, Stock Number, Year, Make, Model, Vehicle Type fields.
  • Change to the Peter Hubbard Desking Screen so that the Entered Down / Gross Cap Cost now calculates the net Cap Cost so the that the Amount due on delivery is the amount entered.
  • Changes to recalling, editing and reports for In-House Leases.
  • Change to Quebec taxes when Company has an HST Number.
  • 415.221.0220.1430:

  • Close to a payment quicker by sharing more options! Fully implemented the new Payment Options, which adds an additional payment type with 6 more scenarios!
  • Added new property to the Protection Items so that the can be set for the User to Edit the Kms and Months on a Deal.
  • Expanded Vehicle Tagline field (Description for Websites) to 2000 characters and added a field to identify the number of characters entered.
  • Added new In-House Lease formula based on a Finance Calculation.
  • Added display of the Unapplied Deposits amount on every PO in Payment Options.
  • Added the ability to set a fee to not only lender specific, but also Lienset specific. Example: default a fee to BMO deferrals only.
  • Change so that if a vehicle has payment protection set, it will not update the prices when going into Select Options or making another change to the vehicle such as colour change with pricing. The options on the select option form will show the current prices, the vehicle will not change.
  • Added new function to the Manager Shortcuts under Maintenance Functions called Inventory Cleanup. This will go through all the Vehicle Stocks marked as Locate and change back to Quote or Delete them if they are not valid (Valid means it is the Primary Vehicle on an Opportunity which is either Pending or Approved). Only to be used if Dealership has an issue with too many old invalid Locate vehicles in Inventory.
  • 415.221.0119.1610:

  • New Java based Chrome Data cloud-based interface for building vehicles and VIN decoding. This eliminates downloading Chrome Data’s daily vehicle update file to our server which facilitates quicker turnaround of updates.
  • Added a fantastic new Forecasting feature to Benchmark desired performance vs actual numbers on Reports and eDocs. The setup is in System Defaults from the Main Menu and requires proper rights to modify. The entered Forecast is always going forward and Managers can continue to adjust. Forecasts can be built for the entire Dealership and per Salesperson or Business Manager and can be expanded to include basic of detailed l F&I penetration targets. The Reports will use whatever numbers are inputted.
  • Added new feature to quickly remove taxes for Tax Exempt Deals from within a Calculation. If applied from the Tax drop down in a Calculation all taxes will be zeroed out on the deal.
  • Added feature: Default F&I Products to be displayed as Per Day, Per Payment, Total . The default will remain the Total.
  • Added new method to allow manual recording of Writes on Opportunities . The current Automatic method based on if a Calculation was done (‘Auto based on Calc Done’) will remain the default. ‘Prompt on Save’ will Prompt the user whether to record a Write during a Save. Manual means don’t auto Set and Don’t prompt. Regardless of the setting, on the Opportunity on the Vehicle line, the user can now click and set or Remove a Write on a Vehicle.
  • Added a Stock Number column to the “Delivered Deals Not Finalized” grid from the “Deal Escalation Needed” function.
  • Added new Date type to Survey, Sales Schedule Tasks “Today” so that it will use the current date as the base for creating an activity such as 7 days from today.
  • Added a new feature to Transfer Utility to allow reassigning customers based on Previous Salesperson.
  • Added a new function to the Maintenance Function on Manager Forms to clean up Dealer Trades Vehicle status’s.
  • Added a new field for PDI (Insurance) Contact name to the Misc. Tab on Customers.
  • Added a new Credit Insurance formula for ACR Le Capitale Insurance Company.
  • Added a new Loan Calculation formula for Desjardins Credit Union.
  • Added logic to calculate sales tax based on either the Buyer or the Co-Buyer being Tax Exempt.
  • Added additional options to handle default Misc Charges on Dealer Trade deals.
  • 414.221.1204.1720:

  • Added Commissioned check box field to Opportunity which is only visible when Opportunity is in Delivered Status. Added a column under the ‘C’ heading to the Opportunity Search Grid so users can view which Opportunities are commissioned.
  • Added function to change the Delivery Date on an Opportunity, the date can now be clicked in the Display Dates window and the new date will update the Delivery Activity, Deal and Vehicle Date Out fields.
  • Added ability to create and attach a document to the Vehicle Change Web Request.
  • We added Several Enhancements to User Rights:
  • Added rights for Users to discount New Vehicles Only and to see Upfront Profit on New Only.
  • Added additional logic to the Opportunity form to lock it down when the logged in employee does not have rights to save at that level. Example: if user can only save to Pending, cannot edit an Approved or higher deal.
  • Change to lock down of gross Trade when user does not have rights.
  • Changes to Vehicle Price change request.
  • VERSION 414.221.1113.0915:

  • Added the Incentive total to combine with the Dealer Discount in the display on the Calculation screen.
  • Added several fields to the search parameters and grid for CASL related data in Surveys as well as the Business Manager, Sales Manager, Salesperson, Contract Date on the Interested in Deal.
  • Added ability to automatically remove Trades from other Opportunities as part of the Trade Reassignment in an Opportunity. We updated the message.
  • Added new ‘Tag Line’ field to the Misc. Window on a Vehicle to be used to send vehicle description data to Websites.
  • New Sales Tool! Added “Ignore Tax Credit on Trades” function to the Tools menu in the Calculation screen. When selected, the deal will ignore the tax credits on the trade and calculate the payment with the full selling price taxed. This is a toggle on and off on the Tools menu and displays a warning next to the Total Purchase Price field if on.
  • Added function to New Payment options to show a message bubble next to the term if an incentive is applied that does not qualify for that term. Advantage will also not allow you to select those payments for processing or Save the Payment Options until the bubble has been removed. This also includes a fix to the logic on the calculations form to not allow switching to another calculation or saving the calculations if the current calculation is invalid.
  • Added new flag to Credits to set the default to Auto Apply to Cap Cost so can be either Net or Gross. When a Credit is added from Incentives, if the Vehicle is a Ford, the default will be Net (others will remain Gross)
  • Change to blended rate prompt to allow zero (ignore) for the Standard Rate.
  • Change to the Generic Prospect Import.
  • Coming VERY Soon - LENDING PORTAL INTEGRATION using our new Universal credit application export function! A click of a button will eliminate manual keying of Bank Deals into major Lending Portals.

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