Accounting Department

Have Dealership specific features that an off-the-shelf program does not have. Account, measure, report, and track every dollar in your Dealership. Manage your in-house Lending portfolio with our Robust Leasing Module. Simplify your Payroll Process through our Paymate Integration.

module Accounting Complete
This module is designed to meet all of your Dealership’s accounting needs and make your business more productive by combining several tasks together.
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module In House Leasing
This module has all of the tools required for In-House Lease Portfolio Management and to Maintain Rentals. It has complete integration with Advantage Contact Management, Inventory and Accounting.
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module Paymate Payroll
Paymate Acclaim is ideal for Dealerships since it is advanced, easy to use software that they can learned quickly. Paymate will save you time, money and headaches and will take the pain out of payroll processing.
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