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Advantage In House Leasing


Imagine the efficiencies gained from automating Pre-Authorized Payments, Late Charges, Credit Bureau Reporting, and Vehicle Inspections! This module has all of the tools required for In House Lease Portfolio Management and to Maintain Rentals. It has complete integration with Advantage Showroom, Inventory and Accounting.


Features include:

  • Lease Vehicle: Maintain vehicle, customer, insurance, billing, floor plan, and depreciation information. ‘In-House Leasing’ functionality.
  • Control sets: Unlimited control sets to categorize lease. Accounting and reports are controlled by the control set.
  • Insurance: Insurance information maintained. Ability to charge customer monthly insurance charges and/or accrue monthly insurance costs by lease.
  • Floor plan: Maintained floor plan principal and interest balances by lease. Automatic monthly generation of principal and interest entries that can be verified to floor plan statement before posting.
  • Customer Billing: Automatic generation of monthly lease charges to customers. Setup a Lease as monthly and bill weekly or setup a bi-weekly Lease that is billed monthly (or any other scenario). Printing of invoices is optional by lease. Customized fixed charges for lease invoices. Invoice layout can be customized.
  • Depreciation: Automatic generation of depreciation journal by lease.
  • Invoicing: Generates electronic periodic invoices from multiple payment and invoice frequencies.
  • Lease Exceptions: Generates a list of leases that meet user enter criteria. Example – lists of Leases which have expired insurance.
  • Automated Retrieval and Filtering: of All Dealership In-House Leases by status.
  • Credit Reporting: Sends generated and manual reports to the Equifax credit bureau.
  • PAP Generation: No need to setup and maintain a payment schedule of the Banks Website! Generate PAP files 'on demand' to upload to the bank.
  • Late Charges: Automatically Generates the late charges for the overdue accounts.
  • Deposits: Created at the start of the day and payments are attached to the open deposits.

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